Imagine if all infants got to grow up in nurturing environments: where positive learning and affection were the seeds and soil for growing healthy brains. Science proves that early childhood education powerfully predicts the kinds of human beings we raise. Since success in early childhood determines success in adulthood, every toddler needs quality relationships, experiences, and engagement to set them up for life-long wellness. Unfortunately, less than half of low-income children have access to these resources.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, early childhood programs to give every child the chance to become their best self. Founded by Carlos and his family, The Carlos Carrasco Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to creating upward mobility through opportunity. The Carrasco’s believe that by investing in America’s children in their most crucial growing stages, we build stronger families and healthier children who positively impact society.

Esperanza Inc.

The mission of Esperanza is to improve the academic achievement of Hispanics in Greater Cleveland by supporting students to graduate high school and promoting post-secondary educational attainment.

Esperanza will be a model of academic and community excellence by:

  • Motivating academic achievement
  • Enhancing the quality of economic and community life
  • Promoting continuity of community through leadership
  • Offering enriched educational services and opportunities
  • Providing scholarship assistance

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Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood

The Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood is a collective impact initiative that works to transform the educational and developmental outcomes of children in Cleveland’s Central Neighborhood.

The Promise Neighborhood develops an environment and culture where families feel supported so their children can achieve academic, and ultimately, career success. Our visionary goals include:

  • Every child participates in quality learning to ensure she or he is ready for kindergarten.
  • Every child attends excellent K-12 schools to be prepared for a successful college and/or career experience, achieving identified grade-level benchmarks.
  • Residents lead the change in the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood.
  • Parents are supported to engage with their child’s education.
  • Cleveland Central is a safe community where children feel supported to achieve academic success.

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